Samuli Kaski

Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
Education: High School
Military Service: Private, in field of Telecommunication (11 months)
Occupation: Solution Architect
in English Suomeksi
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Who am I? I was born in Espoo, Finland. I have also lived in Helsinki for a couple of years. During elementary school I lived abroad for 4 years. Recent years I have lived in the U.S. ; first in California, then in New York, New Jersey and in Florida. In September 2022, I moved back to Europe, to the Netherlands to be specific.

Computers have been a major part of my life ever since I got my first computer in 1984. I have used computers to play games, access Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), chat online (IRC), create web content and also write more or less useful programs in several programming languages and platforms. I studied Computer Science actively for 4 years at the University of Helsinki. Recent years I have worked in technical SAP engagements.

What next? If you want, you can read about my work and my hobbies. You may also want to contact me.

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